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Why Silk Knitted?

JIAXIN SILK (RachelSilk's manufacturer) invented the modern silk knitting technology and changed the tradition of woven silk fabrics in 1976 by developing the mulberry silk knitting machine Z201. Since then, the silk knitted fabric has been one of the most luxurious types of silk fabric. It is sleek, ultra soft, stretchy (not like Charmeuse), ideal for skin-contact garments as this T shirt wicking away moisture while remaining breathable.

Also it's ideal for underwear such as panties, bras and men's boxer briefs, since silk contains the essential amino acids a human body needs for various purposes such as skin nusuring and repair. 

We are eager to introduce this premium quality silk fabric to our customers and started to develop several new products after tried and tested. This amazing fabric crafted with a classic shape, simple and clean design, hope this will be your new favorite.


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