We Sell the Best Silk Products at Best Price

Silk is a natural fiber that is closest to human skin and an environmentally friendly garment material. It has always been a symbol of quality because it’s usually expensive.

Quality life costs a lot? It shouldn't have.

We start RACHELSILK to offer another choice: genuine silk at an honest and affordable price, by directly connecting silk products from manufactory and silk enthusiasts all over the world though RachelSilk.

Here at RachelSilk, We mainly sell products of JINSANTA and NITA manufactured by JIAXIN SILK, a listed Corp. in China ShenZhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code 002404) with a history of 94 years since 1926. It ranks top 10 in silk industry of China, and also manufactures for LAUNDRY, MICHAEL KORS, ALFRED DUNNER, KOHL'S, CHICO'S etc.

Headquarters in Jiaxing, known as CHINA SILK CITY, this industial park is named after JIAXIN SILK.

Not only selling online, there are many stores in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jiaxing etc.

We DO NOT  Compromise on Quality

At RachelSilk, we have a relentless commitment to quality and perfection, we don't compromise on product quality no matter what. We select the best materials available: Grade 6A silk for our products and they are thoughtfully designed and meticulously tested, only the highest quality standards are accepted. 

Our Sleepwear Production is supervised by Master Tailors, with over 30 years of experience working with Silk. These Tailors complete all Silk product customizations by hand. An extensive team of Quality Assurance (QA) experts inspect all our products at every step of the production process to ensure that our silk products are manufactured to the highest of standards. And we are proud that most of our products are certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

What is STANDARD100 by OEKO-TEX?

The Silkworm Lab and Silk Drying Room.

Our Product Lines

Offering a variety of silk products, we provide an extensive range of products which include: Silk Sleepwear, Silk Clothing, Silk Dresses, Silk Bedding, Silk Scarfs and additional Silk-related Beauty accessories.

RachelSilk will continue to expand products and accessories, adding new and exciting high-quality fabrics, offering and delivering an even greater choice to our customers.

Our Mission

RachelSilk is all about making your life better with silk, so no matter what you do for work, or where you go for fun, you can always enjoy yourself, be yourself and you deserve it.

That is the mission behind every product we make.

It all started with a simple idea to make the best silk clothes possible and sell them at the best price possible. Now, RachelSilk are being worn in all 50 states. It’s like a dream coming true, and we’re just getting started.